305 South Congress

A Dynamic and Inclusive Destination

Created by a partnership between Endeavor Real Estate Group and the Cox family, 305 South Congress will enhance connections to and along the waterfront while expanding public open space. This new neighborhood will offer an exciting pedestrian environment by leveraging multi-modal transit access—enhancing mobility within the urban core. As the city continues to evolve, 305 South Congress will complement Austin's waterfront, as well as the overall vision for the South Central Waterfront District.

The 18.9-acre 305 South Congress site will include:

location map

Our Vision: A Quick Glimpse

Watch the 305 South Austin neighborhood come to life in our short video presentation below—highlighting the breadth of opportunity we're building for the South Central Waterfront District.


View the presentation for the City of Austin Planning Commission from December 14, 2022


This is a continually evolving project—subject to change based on feedback from City of Austin staff, public boards, Planning Commissioners, and City Countil members. This public presentation is the latest iteration of our vision.

Our Partners in Growth

All of our partners have a shared goal of expanding the spirit and authenticity of Austin.

Where We're Starting

The below image highlights the surrounding potential of what is currently 305 South Congress, and why the city of Austin has more to look forward to in the future.